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Ozone Zipline Adventures – Zip Line YMCA Camp Kern

Ozone Zipline Adventures is located at the YMCA Camp Kern in South West Ohio. Zip line tours feature up to 11 zip lines and 8 sky bridges.

Traditional Zip Line Tour includes 7 zip lines, 5 sky bridges and central tower. This is a maximum 2.5 hour tour.

Traditional Zip Line Tour includes 9 zip lines, 5 sky bridges, central tour, and nature hike. This is a maximum 4 hour tour.

Ultimate Zip Line Tour includes 11 zip lines, 5 sky bridges, central tour, nature hike, and bag lunch. This is a maximum 5 hour tour.

In addition to the normal tours, Ozone Zipline Adventures offers Full Moon Night Zip Tours. These tours include 6 zip lines, 6 sky bridges and have a limited availability. Zipping under the stars provides for whole a new experience in zip lining.

Group discounts are available for school groups and school field trips

Ozone Zipline Adventures Details

  • Zip Line Tours with 7 – 11 Zip Lines Available
  • Night Zip Line Tours
  • Group Discounts

Contact Information:

(513) 932-3756 (800) 255-KERN

Ozone Zipline Adventures
YMCA Camp Kern

5291 State Route 350, Oregonia, OH 45054