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Ohio Valley Tactical – Zip Line in Clarington, Ohio

The zip line course at Ohio Valley Tactical features 7 zip lines which consist of over 3000 feet of cable. Zip line use is based on an hourly rate. The zip lines have a 250 lb weight limit and riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Birthday parties and other group outings are welcome.

Ohio Valley Tactical also provides military and law enforcement training. A large shooting range is available for firearm practice. Firearm training and certification is also available. A rappelling course and gunsmith are also located on site.

Ohio Valley Tactical Zip Line Details

  • 7 Zip Line Course
  • Military an Law Enforcement Training
  • Shooting Range, Firearm Certification and Gun Repairs
  • Rappelling Course

Contact Information:

(740) 458-0566

Ohio Valley Tactical
52315 TH 2215, Clarington, OH 43915