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Ohio currently has at least 13 zip line locations. The zip line options available in Ohio include canopy tours, duel racing zips, indoor zips, and aerial adventure courses that combine zip lines with sky bridges, rope courses, and rappels. First time zip riders are welcome as well as more seasoned adventurers. With the large number of zip line locations available you are sure to find location near you.

Most tours include a safety orientation before the tour and professional guides accompany the tour to ensure safety. Helmets and all required safety equipment is included on the cost of most tours. Ohio zip line tours are a popular option for team building events and other group outings like family reunions and birthday parties.

Ohio Zip Line Locations:

Kalahari Water Park Outdoor Zip Lines – Zip Line in Sandusky, Ohio

Soar over 60 feet above Safari Outdoor Adventure Park on the 200 – 400 foot-long zip rides. Riders of all ages and experience levels can enjoy this attraction. Open 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Memorial Day through Labor Day, weather permitting.* (Safari Adventures Animal Park is open year-round.) *Some holidays, peak periods and weekends may […]

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Zip City USA Cincinnati – Indoor Zip Line in Cincinnati, Ohio

Zip City USA Cincinnati is located inside the 250,000 square foot Sports Plus facility. Zip City USA features 3 indoor zip lines. The zip lines are approximately 3 stories tall and span over 220 feet. Zip riders soar at speeds of 20 mph. In addition to the zip lines, the complex includes a 10,000 square […]

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Adventure Creek Canopy Challenge – Zip Line in St Clairsville, Ohio

Adventure Creek Canopy Challenge features 6 zip lines. Zip line riders soar through the tree tops high above ponds, creeks and the forest floor. Zip lines vary in difficulty level from beginner to more advanced. The course is designed to help develop team work and to challenge your confidence. The canopy tours are guided by […]

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Ohio Valley Tactical – Zip Line in Clarington, Ohio

The zip line course at Ohio Valley Tactical features 7 zip lines which consist of over 3000 feet of cable. Zip line use is based on an hourly rate. The zip lines have a 250 lb weight limit and riders under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. Birthday parties and other group […]

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Zip City USA Cleveland – Indoor Zip Line in Cleveland, Ohio

The Zip City USA Cleveland location features 5 indoor zip lines. The zip lines are 220 feet in length and riders reach up to 20 mph. In addition to the zip lines, the sports complex includes a trampoline park, tots area for kids 6 and under, climbing walls, and a video arcade. The 10,000 square […]

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ZipZone Canopy Tours – Zip Line in Columbus, Ohio

ZipZone Canopy Tours zip line course is located on 20 acres in Columbus, Ohio. The course includes zip lines and aerial bridges. To ensure a fun yet safe adventure all tours include 2 professional guides and safety instruction. The full canopy tour requires approximately 2 hours to complete. In addition to the full tour, ZipZone […]

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Wild Zipline Safari – Zip Line in Cumberland, Ohio

Wild Zipline Safari offers zip line tours in Cumberland, OH. On the main tour, participants will ride on 10 zip lines and complete one rappel. At Wild Zipline Safari guests fly over endangered animal species on this “Safari” in the sky. Each tour is guided by 2 professional staff members. The main tour requires 2.5 […]

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Tree Frog Canopy Tours – Zip Line in Glenmont, Ohio

The Tree Frog Canopy Tours features a total of 7 zip lines, 2 sky bridges and 2 rappels. The tree-top platform to platform zip lines range in length from 145 feet to 1100 feet. Zip line riders reach speeds up to 51 mph as they soar as high as 120 feet above the ground. Participants […]

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Valley Zipline Tours – Zip Line in Lancaster, Ohio

Valley Zipline Tours features 10 zip lines located in the Hocking Hills area of Northern Ohio. The full zip line tour includes 3 monster zip lines spanning over 1000 feet. The course includes “The Duel” zip line which is a side by side zip for racing your friends across the valley. The main tour requires […]

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Hocking Hills Canopy Tours – Zip Line in Rockbridge, Ohio

Hocking Hills Canopy Tours offers multiple zip line tour options in Southeast Ohio. All tours provide for an adrenaline rush along with the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Hocking Hills area. Riders fly through the tree canopy over a landscape of sandstone rock cliffs, recessed caves, and the Hocking River. The Canopy […]

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Soaring Cliffs – Zip Line in Rockbridge, Ohio

Soaring Cliffs features 9 zip lines, which vary from 200 – 500 feet in length. The zip course employs a Zip Stop system which eliminates the need for hand braking. The 150 foot high zip lines are ground to ground lines with trail hikes between stations. The combination of zip lines and trails allow for […]

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Markin Farms Zipline Adventures – Zip Line in West Liberty, Ohio

Markin Farms Zipline Adventures features 13 zip lines and 5 high rope challenge areas. The zip line course is located on a 90 acre farm near West Liberty, OH. A junior zip line course is available for riders ages 2 through 6. This course has 2 zip lines that are 3 – 4 feet above […]

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Ozone Zipline Adventures – Zip Line YMCA Camp Kern

Ozone Zipline Adventures is located at the YMCA Camp Kern in South West Ohio. Zip line tours feature up to 11 zip lines and 8 sky bridges. Traditional Zip Line Tour includes 7 zip lines, 5 sky bridges and central tower. This is a maximum 2.5 hour tour. Traditional Zip Line Tour includes 9 zip […]

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