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Kapohokine Adventures Zip Line – Zip Line in Hilo, Hawaii

Kapohokine Adventures Zip Line Tour includes 8 zip lines along with suspension bridges and suspended staircases. All of the lines are dual lines providing for a great side-by-side zip experience. Zip riders soar on cables strung as high as 200 feet above the rain forest providing for excellent views of volcanoes, waterfalls and the Hawaiian coastline. A brief stop halfway through the tour provides for an opportunity for included snacks, refreshments and an optional lunch. Restrooms are also available at the midway point. The final zip is the longest line of the course stretching over 1/2 mile in length.

Guests must weigh between 35 and 275 lbs to participate. Light snacks and beverages are provided to tour participants. If you would rather watch than participate, a walk along self-guided tour is available for non-zip riders. The walking tour follows the zip course through the native Hawaiian rainforest allowing you to watch the zip line and enjoy the natural beauty of the rain forest.

Kapohokine Adventures Zip Line Details

  • 8 Zip Line Course
  • Snacks and Refreshments Included, Optional Lunch is Available
  • Walking Tour for Non-Participants
  • GoPro Cameras Available for Rent
  • Multiple Tour Discount

Contact Information:

(808) 930-2005

KapohoKine Adventures Store
Historic Canario Complex
224 Kamehameha Avenue #106, Hilo, HI 96720