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Denver Zipline Tours – Zip Line in Denver, Colorado

Denver Zipline Tours is located 30 minutes from Denver, CO. Transportation to the zip lines is available. The Denver Zipline Tours zip lines are some of the longest and fastest in Colorado with riders reaching speeds of 55 mph.

Zip line tours are booked by the number of zip lines used. Tours are available that feature 4, 6, and 8 zip lines. The most popular tour is the 6 zip line tour. This tour features 6 long zip lines that range in length from 850ft to over 1,900ft in length. The zip lines are 20 and 250ft above the ground at an elevation of almost 9,000ft. For a new kind of adventure, night zip tours are also available.

Denver Zipline Tours Details

  • 850ft to over 1,900ft in Length
  • 4, 6, and 8 Zip Line Tours Available
  • 30 Minutes West of Denver
  • Open Year Round

Contact Information:

(303) 984-6151

Denver Zipline Tours
26267 Conifer Rd., Conifer, CO 80433